Friday, 14 October 2011

Happy Mother's day to our mums!

Just some lines to share with you the feeling I get whenever I think of my mother :)

Having a mother like my mother while growing up was the greatest gift and biggest advantage anyone could ever have given me. It is because of the confidence and values that she has instilled in me that made me who I am today. I want to thank her for shaping me into a person who I like and am proud to be. I also want to thank her for letting me believe that I could be whoever I wanted to be, do whatever I wanted to do, there were no limitations except our drive, ambition and creativity.

Aprovechemos este día Domingo para recordarle a nuestra mamá lo importante que es en nuestras vidas, todo lo que aprendemos de sus aciertos y cuanto más de sus errores, todo lo que nos hace falta por más que la tengamos al lado y el eterno agradecimiento por habernos dado VIDA... honremos nuestra vida dándole un gran beso y siempre recordando (y lo digo como madre que soy :)) que SIEMPRE, SIEMPRE SIEMPRE HACEN LO MEJOR QUE PUEDEN.
Feliz día para todas nuestras mamás!

Josefina, me :), Paula and MY MUM!

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  1. Romina, you're definitely a writer! What a nice piece of love you have shared with us! kisses